No divorce, just new rules and bullshit dumped on me.

I smell divorce on the air (like usual) and two wasted tickets to Cuba ( nonrefundable)

WOW completely uncalled for and that person’s ass definitely needs kicking. I’m sorry your morning began with that. Was it your dad or brother?
It was my fucking asshole of a stepfather. I used to have a deal with my mom that I wouldn’t have to stay home when he was there but they’re leaving for Cuba on Saturday so I have to pretend to tolerate him until he leaves.

What girl doesn’t wanna be called ‘ten tonne tubby’ when she first gets up in the morning?


cmoscato4Look who I found trying to tip my whip. She’s gonna get it.#Babypipecleanersforarms #thankgahd #shehadnochance @mrapinoe

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